Welcome to The Flu Stories! Now that we are bracing for winter and flu season is fast approaching, you came here looking for some solid information about The Flu and ways to prevent it. Well look no further! However, this is no medical journal. This site is dedicated to all things Flu…the good, the bad, the ugly. We respect The Flu, celebrate The Flu, and share The Flu.

Say what?!? We don’t mean sharing The Flu in the literal sense! We will be sharing our very candid experiences, advice and stories about The Flu; and, whenever needed, keep each other’s virtual company when we come down with it. And we hope you share yours too!

What to expect? Fun, laughs, sarcasm and a bit ewws because there is no cooler word for ‘boogers’!

This is no space for the weak heart that hides behind a blanket or decides to watch a sob movie just because he/she has the flu. This is a space for you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace The Flu and rock it when you have it. It’s a space where we share things you need to know, and actions you can take to really survive The Flu and come out a winner.

We’re sure all of you are familiar with the symptoms of The Flu and are pretty bummed when you have it. We say you shouldn’t be! There is a good side to having The Flu. Here are the top 5 Flu symptoms and why you should celebrate them. Because whether you’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all been #SavedbyTheFlu at some point:

  1. Stuffy nose… remember the time you were in a crowded elevator, a cramped metro, or confined in a small office space and that weird smell starts wafting through the air? And everybody next to you is looking innocent and pretending it didn’t come from them? Well thank your stuffy nose for saving you smelling it this time.  
  2. Sneezing…Want to keep your pushy boss or nosy co-worker away? Sneezing is an effective way to do it. Bonus. You get additional personal space too.
  3. Body aches… Yet another valid excuse you can use to miss that yoga or soul cycle class.
  4. Bad Hair…Admit it. We all know what it’s like having The Flu and staying glued to the bed; the ponytail, the man bun. The list is long. Well, this is again the perfect excuse to make no effort with the hair, and to blink and simply blame it on The Flu
  5. No Real Appetite…Our personal favorite. Because when The Flu goes low, we go high. We must all embrace this valuable opportunity to lose those extra pounds gained from once again overindulging on leftover pizza, that bucket of fried chicken, and everything else we get our hands on.

So, if you are down with The Flu, cheer up. There’s plenty to enjoy and celebrate. We’ll be keeping you company and go through this together! Check back soon and watch out for the first FluShot…

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