Don’t get knocked out just because you have The Flu; rise up, own it and get the heat going. The first time my Granny told me ‘drink up or miss out’ my imagination ran wild thinking my Granny is the real deal! This only lasted for a few minutes until I found out she meant; Chicken Soup!soup

Now, as a sign of allegiance and as a good ‘flu-buddy’ I will share with you this never-before-shared family recipe, Granny’s “Flu-Soup”: 2 mastic gum beads + 1 garlic clove + 2 1/2 cups chicken broth + a dash of cinnamon + 1 big onion + 1 1/2 carrots + celery             + ½ squash + black pepper and a dash of turmeric. Throw all in a pot, turn on the heat and let the ingredients work their magic! With so much time to spare, be gracious and keep it cooking for 30-45min, and don’t forget to add a tiny squeeze of lemon right before helping yourself to this yummy FluTreat!

Don’t snot, grab a pot and start practicing your cooking skills. Staying in with the Flu is the perfect time to indulge in food, pack on the extra pounds – without guilt!

Here are ‘The 10 Foods to Cook When You’re In With The Flu’… ok, ok, we’re including a few comfort-dishes for those of you already recovering:

  1. Granny’s “Flu-Soup”
  2. Beef and Shallot Stew (just a few ingredients, big taste)
  3. Sweet Potato Fries (oven baked for less work!)
  4. Chilli (don’t forget buns for dipping)
  5. Noodles (easiest sauce; Olive oil and Garlic)
  6. Baked Potato (don’t forget to load it; sour cream, bacon, and cheese)
  7. Frittata (Spinach and Goat cheese make for a good one!)
  8. Chipotle Chicken Fajitas
  9. Creamy Salmon Chowder
  10. MacNCheese

Now put on your #masterchef hat and share with us your well-kept recipes for any of the above dishes, or tell us your favorite flu-dishes to make this list more comprehensive!

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