I will be kinder, finer, thinner, stronger, healthier … and whatever else makes you tick, every year! Hell yes, there is so much pressure on perfecting a new set of New Year’s resolutions but not much about the beauty of ‘going with the flow’ and of not putting things into boxes just to tick another.

Ouch… I heard that! No, my aim is not to burst your bubble ABSOLUTELY NOT! But think about it; how many resolutions did you see through by end of year?! In my experience; NONE! So I say for this year, let’s start a New Year’s Revolution by not having any resolutions : )

Hear me out… It’s our nature to strive to be great but as Denis Waitley wisely said “It’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.” You are capable of doing everything, every day and to change your life for the better – no hostages taken. ☺  It’s the disabling thoughts that you are not enough or lacking what can hold you back so set your own KPIs, or not! The fact remains you are awesome as you are!

2016 was one tough year for many of us, and a great year for others. But 2017 is fair play! A new chapter, a blank page waiting for us to fill it with whatever inspires and drives us… Whatever makes us happy. I was in with The Flu and nasty colds so many times this year but instead of budging and giving in to the obvious negatives (bad hair, no appetite, aches…etc); I started writing again, learning to cook, making new virtual friends and enjoying my new Flu-Buddies.

9ea731017a0fa3ad5ef3f5e0ebb38916So, I say let’s take 2017 by surprise, let’s revolt and not resolute!  No strings attached and no boxes to tick! What are your thoughts on making this the start of an awesome new year…

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