New piece of research suggests that man flu may be an actual condition that makes men suffer more when they are hit by flu or cold, according to a study by the American Journal of Physiology, and listen to this: it has everything to do with estrogen – the lack of it.  So ladies, take note, and let’s celebrate one of the most common causes of female menstrual complaints; estrogen dominance, simply because it makes us stronger fending off The Flu.manflu

So, next time you hear a man fuss over a few sniffles, don’t cry foul and just embrace his weakness! I hear you… the question on everyone’s mind is; how to detect a Man Flu before it hits in full force and end up turning to a dying man melodrama?!  There are early signs to detect the epidemic and as soon as you feel a man becoming more helpless, sicker and more demanding you should know these are all symptoms you must not ignore.


Top 5 early symptoms of MAN FLU you shouldn’t dismiss:

  1. Excessive whinging and whining (more than usual);
  2. The “I think I’m going to die” self-diagnosis; can’t breath, can’t move, I am losing balance;
  3. The “nobody cares about me speech (be careful because it starts with what seems like a simple request or a trick question)
  4. Excessive potato couching and hogging of remote controls;
  5. and yes, he may also have some regular flu symptoms; fever, body aches and loss of appetite.

To all Man-Flu Survivors out there, talk to us… Tell us about your experience of Man Flu symptoms, cures of choice and what cheers you up when you are down with it : )

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