So you have the FLU, your mama says some lemon and honey would do, but as avid Flu Survivors we say: mix it up and get creative!

See, it’s all about the attitude! Some would do with some hot tea or some lemon juice, but we say there is more to life that just that! This is the time to improvise and be original just like the ever-changing flu virus, never a dull year and always full of surprises 🙂 And if you get a little merry, so what?! Much better than going through the FLU being miserable and grumpy.

We attempted to create our own mix, but it was amazing to discover what special drinks different nationalities tend to consume when in with The FLU, so we decided to go for tried and tested potions. Let us just say, the human race is innovative, to say the least!

Here are ‘The Top 5 X-Rated Drinks To Help You Recover When In With The Flu’:

  • Ireland: Hot Whiskey (elsewhere known as Hot Toddy) – Irish whiskey + hot water with honey, a slice of lemon and cloves – does miracles.
  • Russia:  A shot of Vodka (with pepper or garlic to kill germs at the beginning of a cold) OR – an interesting non-alcoholic potion, hot tea mixed with homemade raspberry jam!
  • Greece: Hot Rakomelo (sounds sexy hah!) – it’s basically, local tsipouro or raki, with honey,  cloves and cinnamon). P.S drink in moderation otherwise you risk a sugar overdose 🙂
  • Switzerland: Jagertea (In German: Jägertee)- It’s what Swiss people will serve you in the mountains, a potion that will make you forget your flu for sure, if not everything else too just as a side effect! It is a highly alcoholic mixture of overproof rum, black tea, red wine, plum brandy orange juice and a lot of spices.

Now let’s play: ) Your turn to share your best mixes, better so; share it with us on Instagram while you’re mixing! You know you want to 🙂

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